And I’m Free… Free Fallin’


You have probably heard someone say, “Why would I ever want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?”.  As far as I’m concerned that is a valid question.

Other’s see skydiving as the ultimate rush and something they must do before they die.  Desiree is one of those people, so when she asked if I wanted to go with her on her first skydive I jumped at the chance (just not out of the airplane with her).

To commemorate a 30th birthday and a Groupon for Skydive Dallas in hand, we were off to check Skydiving off her bucket list.  The team at Skydive Dallas were professional and made even me (a known wimp when it comes to heights) feel comfortable with their safety.

After a short video and quick instruction, Desiree was fitted with a jump suit, harness, goggles, and head gear.  Dressed for her free fall from the sky she boarded the plane with her instructor.

Once the plane was away, I said a quick prayer and looked to the sky.  After a few minutes I could no longer see or hear the plane.  A few minutes later I saw two parachutes and my worries subsided as I watched the two first timers float gracefully to the ground.

The Skydive Dallas instructors stressed that the most injuries occur on landing so keeping your feet and legs up were stressed during the pre-flight training session.  Desiree must have shown that she was born for skydiving as she came in the instructor said that they would be landing on their feet like the pro’s do.

The main goal of starting Bucket Mate was to inspire people to add adventures, achievements, and personal goals to their bucket list and help them complete as many of them as possible.  There is no greater feeling to see the pure joy on someone’s face when they get to experience moments like this.

Are you up for a once in a lifetime experience? Add Skydiving to your Bucket List or help someone else who wants to go skydiving by going with them.  Either way, you will enjoy the experience.


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